Malthouses 2

The three Malthouse cottages at the end of Court Street, are  old, and were originally thatched. They narrowly avoided being demolished between the wars. At the time that this picture was taken it is believed that they were occupied by Katy Clarke, Grace Beviss  and the 'Old lady' Long. Then as now the area is prone to flooding from a small tributary to the R. Axe, although small drains and culverts have been built at various times to minimise the problem. Until the cutting from Church Street was built,  Court Street was part of the Chard-Bridport Road!
Court St Cottages Court St Cottages

At the time of the picture, the two cottages were occupied by the Lacy family and the Bridle Family. They were rented like many of the cottages in the village. Lord Bridport's family (Cricket St. Thomas) owned many , but there were absentee land lords as well. In 2012 these cottages are second homes.

Church St East Church St.East

The view down Church Street has changed very little over the years, apart from all but one of the shops disappearing. The brick building on the left was demolished and the space created is now the access to The Bell's car park. The shop on the left a little further down was the bakers, and the butcher's shop that was run by Mr Warren can just be seen on the left at the far end. The most noticeable difference between then and now is the absence of motor cars. The lady on the right is the photographers wife! The other lady was Miss Pinks.
Churchills Garage
Churchills Garage

This is a picture of Churchill's Garage, in Fore St, and now the home of Woodland's Garage. It was a major centre of activity in the village. There was a Blacksmith ( Ned Churchill) on the premises and shoeing of horses was a regular event in those days. They also repaired tractors, farm machinery and motor cars. Accumulators for villager's wireless sets were also charged with electricity there. Petrol and paraffin was also sold. Mrs Churchill did dress-making. The house on the far right, at the end of the yard was occupied by Miss Grimstead who fostered little girls who had been orphaned or abandoned.

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