Winsham Chapel-Church Minutes of Meetings and Memorandum -
1791 & 1815

The Church of Christ at Winsham, to Hugh Trenchard at Maudlin ,


We would not presume to take up your time in opening to you the nature of a Church of God.  Knowing you are already sufficiently informed of what materials a Church is built.  Being fully persuaded you are a living stone in the everlasting universal Church of Christ.  We are and have been for years anxiously desirous of your becoming a pillar in Gods’ spiritual House at Winsham.  We have therefore this day as a Church, unanimously chosen you Deacon, and humbly implore your acceptance of the office: We are led to believe it will be for the Redeemers’ Glory, as beyond doubt, it will be for all our comfort.  Your declining will throw a damp upon us, and very much discourage us.  Your condescending to go before us, as our leader, will give strength to the cause and courage to us to follow.  We solicit you to signify your pleasure, as we do esteem it necessary to know your mind e’er we proceed decisively in the call of a Minister.

March 25 1791

The Call given by the Congregational Church to the Revd John Hemsworth

In the Name, and in the fear of the Lord, Before God, Angels and Men

We, the Church of Christ worshipping in the town of Winsham and County of Somerset, congregated as far as we know, according to the Divine Word, having in the fear of the Lord given up ourselves unto the Lord and also to each other in the bonds of the gospel and kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ; judge it our indispensable duty to stand forth together jointly and unanimously for the cause of God and truth, and having for years experienced the indulgent blessing of public means : we are constrained from obligation to Almighty God, as well as for His glory, and peace and comfort of our souls, to endeavour as much as in us lies after the establishment of a permanent ministry for the well being of this present church and of our successors.  We think it orderly and absolutely necessary under these impressions that the sense of the Church be known, Vox, Vox Populi is Vox Dei, the voice of the people is the voice of God and after trial of several preachers, we are led from convictions of the propriety of our conduct decisively to fix upon, to choose, to call, the Revd John Hemsworth who is a father in God of a spiritual seed amongst us, we trust we are acting in conformity to the Divine voice, and will of God, as is evidently discerned in the order of his providence.

We therefore, this Church of Christ, obeying what appears to be the mind of God.  Before God, Angels and Men call on the Revd John Hemsworth to take upon him the solemn important, and honourable office of Pastor of this congregation, and in this Act and Deed of the Assembly of the Church setting apart to labour in word and doctrine, we use with reverence the authority delegated to the Church by Almighty God; and ordain him Pastor, Teacher and Minister unto and over us.  We use with gratitude the privileges granted unto the Church by Almighty God in choosing, calling and fixing the Minister of their faith.  We choose, call and fix on the said Revd John Hemsworth as the Minister of our faith, to go in and out before us, to administer the ordinances of Baptism, and the Lord’s Supper, after the manner, form and custom of the Congregational Churches unto and amongst us, and in the Act and Deed of this church of Christ, invest him with office, power over and in this Church, as the servant of the Lord, and Minister of God for good to our Souls.

May the Divine spirit rest upon him, that he may maintain soundness and sincerity in doctrine and show forth simplicity in a life without blame.

25 March 1791

Editors Note: John Harmsworth accepted the call , but it is not recorded how long he remained at Winsham, or his reasons for departing. He was succeeded by the Rev. Harrington. Click HERE for more information about Winsham Chapel Ministers.



Nov 2nd 1815.  The vessels (ie) two plated goblets and three plated plates, for the use of the table of the Lord, were given to the church by the under mentioned members; viz.

Ann Chaffey          Jane Palmer                Sarah Sprake

Susan Trenchard  Sarah Priest                Ann Gapper

Martha Pratt          Mary Dunford



No “Church Minutes” appear to have been made during the Pastorates of Revd Messrs Hemsworth, Harrington, Durnford, Childs, Wells, Evans and Westbrook.

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