Winsham-Record of Ministers and events surrounding them-Late 17th Century until 1791

The names of the Divines who laboured at Winsham in the middle of the 16th century I could not obtain.  It is very certain that the Rev. Saml Bolster ministered in the congregation the latter part of the last century, how long is not accurately known.  The interest was numerous and rich.  This gentleman was succeeded by the Rev Simon Grinstead who preached and taught school:  The church put a house in order, and set it apart for Divine worship, the lease is dated 1703.  Mr Grinstead continued in the work of the gospel until the year 1726 when he left this part, and was followed by four of the neighbouring Ministers, their churches consenting to their attending in monthly succession, these were the Revd Mr. Strong, Rev Mr. Knight, Rev Mr. Batten, Rev Aaron Pitts who officiated in 1737: on these Divines declining the Rev Mr. Bradshaw was appointed to the charge of the congregation and became resident Minister, in 1739 when he removed the Rev Mr. Samuels in conjunction with others laboured.  After this the Revd Mr. Damer was here, sometime about the year 1750.  This gentleman quitted the work and many of the Lordís dear servants gave their attendance till the Rev Mr. Patrick engaged to supply constantly: this was about the year 1756.  On this gentleman withdrawing the Rev Mr. Harley was settled Minister over the church during this gentlemanís life, the members built a new house of worship and gave up and vacated the old one in the year 1760: this Minister was called to his rest soon after he occupied his new place of labour and is interred under the pulpit.  After his departure several of the Pastors of the adjacent churches took the work amongst them, and kept open the doors until the Rev Mr. Phillips was called over the people; and was an inhabitant of Winsham in the year 1772.  During this Ministerís abode Mr Pocock attended at the Lordís table: these gentlemen gave up their charge and were followed by the Rev Mr. Bryant who was many years concerned in the labour of the gospel at Winsham, he was here about the year 1777, when this Minister ceased attending, many as opportunity served, gave their labours, as the Rev Mr. Pittard, Rev Mr Herdsman, Rev Mr Glasscott, Rev Mr Rowles, Mr Pitts, Mr Hay and others occasionally.  On these gentlemen dropping it the Rev Mr Hatch became stated a few years, 1782; on his shutting up preaching, the place was occupied by the Rev Thos David 1783 he continued a probationer till the year 1788 when the church called and ordained him Pastor: he became resident at Winsham until the year 1790 when he withdraw to London, the present incumbent took the charge, and solicits his successors carefully to register the transactions of the Church and not let them drop into oblivion.

March 25 1791.

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