A history of the people of Winsham-what life might have been like

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After the Romans; before the Normans
Life would not have been easy, but couldhave been worse


Alfred the Great

King Alfred the Great, 871-899ADcopy right Free

Norman & Medieval Times

Norman Image comp

 These would have been difficult times for a Saxon villagecopy right Free


Doomsday Winsham
The earliest written record of the community

copy right Free

Winsham in 1861

This fascinating study of life in Winsham in 1861 was carried out by John Gapper, whose family lived in Winsham during the 19th century, and who  returned to live in Winsham in retirement at the beginning of the 21st Century. This painstaking research , using the available statistics, gives an insight into the life of a small rural community during a period of great change in the economic life of England. 

What's in a name?
An interesting perspective on Winsham history from Sue Fielding, an experienced genealogist, who moved into the village in 2019, with her husband Dave. Her interest is in names-those of people and places...
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