The Royal Navy

In the Naval battle of Jutland, on May31st 1916,one of eight
British Destroyers lost was H.M.S.Ardent, on which one Winsham man was serving.

William Northcombe, Artificer, H.M.S.Ardent.
Son of Walter & Mary Northcombe, of School House, Winsham.
Died 1st June,1916,age28.

Four days later, H.M.S.Hampshire left Scapa Flow bound for Archangel.
On board was Lord Kitchener, sent to Russia on a diplomatic mission.
On 5th June, the Hampshire struck a mine. She sank with the loss of
643 officers and men, and with the loss of Lord Kitchener, the Germans had
dealt the British a terrible blow.

John Trott, Boy 1st Class. J/33420,H.M.S. Hampshire.
Son of Eliza Cornelius (formerly Trott),
of Old Road ,Ilminster.
Died 5th June,1916,age 17.





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