Loaring Family.......after the war
FN Return1
Pictured here is the celebration of Fred Newton's return from a Japanese P.o.W. camp just outside Nagasaki. A full account of Fred's incarceration during the war can be read by clicking HERE.
L. to R: G.Sears, Fred Newton, Fred Phelps, Charley Hawker,
Arthur Loaring  (front).Picture taken outside The Bell
Celebrations continued at 7, Western Way Arthur Loaring on right (holding bottle).


Arthur Roma
Arthur & Roma Loaring's wedding 2nd October 1948
Key: 1. Mary Beer2. Olive Loaring 3.Win Barge (snr) 4.Terry Barge 5 Kath Griffin 6. Bessie Loaring 7. Arthur Loaring 8. Roma Loaring  9. Doreen Bowditch 10. Gladys Bowditch  11.Rex Bowditch 12.Mollie Bowditch 13.Don Cox 14. Patrick Loaring 15. Gran Bowditch 16. Auntie Dorcas 17.Noreen Summers 18.John Loaring (F.J.) 19 Ken Barge 20.Jack Loaring 21.Percy Loaring . 22 Doug Paull 23.James Loaring 24.Charles Loaring 25. David Griffin 26. Thomas Loaring 27.Rodney Bowditch 28.Lionel Bowditch 29. Win Bowditch (jnr).
Arthur & Roma small group
 Wedding of Arthur and Roma Loaring in 1948
L to R: Doug Paull, Arthur Loaring, Roma, Gladys Bowditch
Loaring Family Group
Arthur Loaring, Charles Loaring, Thomas Loaring, Percy Loaring,
Kathleen Loaring, John Loaring, Elizabeth Loaring.
Malcolm (Jim) and Charles Loaring& Doreen Miller (Bowditch)


Arthur at Street Fait1989
Arthur Loaring as the Vicar of Winsham at the 1989 Street Fair
Arthur & John at Street fair
Arthur Loaring giving advice to his brother Percy .


Click HERE for pictures of the later generations