50th Anniversary of Victory in Europe -1995

The 'VE' Celebrations took place over a sunny weekend in May.
Fortunately, photographs of two of the most important events have been found for the Web Museum.

The Street Party given for the children replicated the many children's parties that took place throughout the country in 1945, to celebrate the ending of World War II. Treasured small stocks of food were cheerfully donated to these parties and the children experienced a feast the like of which they had never had before. A further ten years was to elapse before the complete demise of food rationing. Many of the older adults who helped organise the Winsham event had distant memories of their own participation as children in the original parties.

The other big event was the party at The Bell, where part of the entertainment was the portrayal of such memories as 'ITMA'-the extremely popular radio programme that was broadcast at 8.30pm on Thursday evenings.

The Jubilee Hall housed a remarkable collection of war-time memorabilia.
Click HERE to see an interesting item recording war time deprivations.

To read the original 'ITMA' Script used at the celebration click


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