Lower Purtington Farm

Lower Purtington Farm

The year 2000 started with Edward and Di Forward milking a herd of sixty pedigree Holsteins. The followers were reared on the farm. They were kept as pure Holsteins and not crossed with Friesians.The state of agriculture in the country was not good. The weather was against farming as well. The continuous rain made life very difficult and there was a general feeling of very hard work and long hours for very little return or in some cases no return. There seemed to be no future in the Dairy Industry. A decision to sell the herd was made. After the sale things were better and the outlook seemed to be brighter. There had always been horses on the farm, sometimes working horses, mostly riding horses, but Edward's recent interest and passion was his Appiano stallion which he proudly took to shows. Chard Horse Show was held on the farm. A large number of people and horses came from a wide area to take part in what had developed into a very good show.In October, in an accident with a piece of farm machinery, sadly, Edward died. The neighbourhood was shock and saddened. More than three hundred people attended his funeral and there were many tributes to Edward's character, helpfulness and kindness.
Di carries on with the farm helped by members of the family.

Edward with his Appiano stallion

The Farm Sale

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