Greencombe Farm

Greencoombe Farm is a 270 acre dairy farm situated in the north of the Winsham parish. The farm is owned by the A H Warren Trust, Coombe Farm, Crewkeme, a well known local farming, and food producing business.

Greencoombe has 250 dairy cows plus youngstock, that are moved to another location at weaning. The cows produce about 2 million litres of milk per anum. and the milk is used to make farmhouse cheese at the Coombe Farm factory mentioned above. The cheese is retailed at many well known supermarket chains and specialised outlets throughout the country. The price the farm receives for its milk has fallen dramatically over the last few years,it now stands at about 19 pence per litre compared to 25 pence per litre of 5 years ago.

The farm employs 2 people to be responsible for the cows. One man is a person from Winsham. All other farm work is carried out by staff of A H Warren Trust.
Crops grown on the farm, are grass to ensile for winter feed for the cattle, a total of 2000 tons are stored in clamps. Also grass grown for summer grazing. Maize is also grown and i1 is hoped to yield a further 500 tons to add to the winter feed stocks. This quantity of food is consumed by the herd during the winter months.

As mentioned before. the farm rears all its own dairy replacements bred from the best yielding cows, and high genetic Holstein bulls. All cows are artificially inseminated by the herdsman, and the female progeny are the calves that join the herd as milking cows 2 years down the line.

Greencombe Farm

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