The major renovation of the Jubilee Hall

The renovation of the Jubilee Hall was to prove to be the largest project undertaken by the Winsham community for many years. The need came upon the parish suddenly, and needed  a rapid response.

The nature of the problems emerged when Rod Well, helped by Keith  Portsmore, both Chartered Surveyors, produced a  structural survey of the 117 year old hall, at a request of the Jubilee Hall Management Committee in 2004. The committee had become concerned about the steadily increasing number of maintenance tasks needed to keep thee hall in good working order, and the worrying situation relating to the rotting of the floorboards in parts of the main hall.

In summary, the Survey report confirmed the worst fears of the committee. It went as far to express the opinion that the hall would be forced to close within eighteen months or so, due to its unsafe main floor, unless urgent steps were taken to correct the problems.

It also highlighted  other problems that would need attention to bring the building up to a good standard, thereby preserving it for future generations.

A list of other  'must do' items needing attention also emerged from the report. These included seeking a solution to  the serious damp problem in the area of the men's toilet. There was also a  long list of 'should do'   items.

Rod Wells, FRICS, assessing extent of rot to timbers supporting the 118 year old floor

The above is the remains of one of the floor timbers

In the event, while many of the problem areas were dealt with at the time of the major renovation that was to follow, it would take a further ten years to complete all the necessary work, which would include replacement of all the windows in the Hall.

In order to prioritise the essential work it was necessary to estimate the cost the work. The basis for this can be seen from a February 2005 document considered by the JHMC. Click HERE.


Faced with the prospect of an estimated 100,000 of expenditure, and with financial reserves of  only 5000, the serious challenge of raising the necessary money lay ahead.

If this was to be achieved, the local community needed to be informed of the problem and their views sought.


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February 2017