War Time deprivation- World War II-an interesting record of facts and figures prepared  by Anne Rose, prepared for the VE Day Jubilee Celebration Exhibition in 1995....


At the end of the war in1945,each adult was allowed, each week: 8oz (227grms) of sugar, 4oz(113grms) each of Margarine, Bacon and Ham, and 2oz (57grms) each of Lard, loose tea and butter. Meat was rationed  by value (1s 2p per week-5p, but one must not forget inflation since the war!). Special allowances were made for special circumstances. Many items were effectively rationed by short supply. Clothing and soap were also rationed.
In the early 21st Century, with obesity, especially among children at a very serious level, we are told that the general standard of health in the War years was very high, thanks to the  small but adequate food rations. As for the level of bath water, most only bathed once a week, and the number
of times men changed their socks in the course of a week or month remains  a secret unlikely ever to be revealed.
The 'black-out' laws were however a real trial, especially in urban areas, where the streets were patrolled by 'black-out' wardens who enforced the  rules with vigour!

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