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Map of Western front1914-1918rscomp.jpg (61195 bytes) Small scale map of the Western Front
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Tyne Cot Cemetery is the resting place of nearly 12,000soldiers of the Commonwealth Forces, the largest number of burials of any Commonwealth cemetery of either world war.

pic2 largers500comp.jpg (28138 bytes) A view of Tyne Cot Cemetery
pic3 rs500comp.jpg (40908 bytes) A view of Tyne Cot Cemetery
Pic4rs500comp.jpg (34680 bytes) A view of Tyne Cot Cemetery
Pic5 rscomp.jpg (33238 bytes) A view of Tyne Cot Cemetery
Pic6rs500comp.jpg (31180 bytes) A view of Tyne Cot Cemetery
Pic8rs500comp.jpg (41852 bytes) The Newfoundland Park at Beaumont Hamel (Somme) is arguably one of the most important battlefield sites along the old Western Front. It is a vast area of preserved trenches, where men of the 29th Division fought on 1st July 1916, among them the Newfoundland Regiment who suffered over 700 casualties in the attack that day.
Pic11rs500comp.jpg (20074 bytes) Thiepval Memorial to the Missing”  contains the names of 73,357 men whose bodies were never found and have no known grave.
Pic10rs500comp.jpg (17758 bytes) The Cambrai cemetery contains 124 First World War burials. On a terrace at one end of the cemetery stands the CAMBRAI MEMORIAL which commemorates more than 7,000 servicemen of the United Kingdom and South Africa who died in the Battle of Cambrai in November and December 1917 and whose graves are not known.
Pic12rs500comp.jpg (15194 bytes) A view of Cambrai cemetery
Pic13rs500comp.jpg (23150 bytes) A view of Cambrai cemetery
Pic14rs500comp.jpg (29518 bytes) A memorial to fallen French Soldiers of the First World War ,nr Cambrai

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