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The War Memorial

The War Memorial is to be found at the focus of the village-the major road junction. The  following is an account of how it was erected by public subscription of 150 (approx.12,000 in our terms 70 years later), together with the generosity of certain individuals. It is probable that the first Remembrance Day service in which it took part was in the November of 1923.

Winsham War Memorial- a transcription of an article that appeared in the Chard & Ilminster News in July 1923:- 

WAR MEMORIAL-The plans and illustrations of the proposed memorial were exhibited at a recent meeting in the Jubilee Hall, and were clearly explained by the Chairman (Mr G.F.Davis). It was unanimously agreed that they should be carried out. The actual cost of the memorial to the people would, it was stated, be 150 ,of which 50 had already been obtained, and it was thought that now the memorial was about to begin, no difficulty would be experienced in getting another 100.
The site, at the entrance to the village has been generously given by Mr Ward Coleridge, while Mr T.Spurdle has kindly offered to give up part of his garden as required. The base of the memorial, etc ,is to be the contribution of Captain Davies .Mr Lee, the builder, is going
  to erect the memorial itself without profit. To all these gentlemen the meeting passed a cordial & unanimous vote of thanks for their kind and valuable contributions. The Rev.J.D.Richardson(Vicar) ,and theRev.W.Williams (Congregational Pastor) were chosen on the committee in the place of the former Vicar and the former Congregational Minister.
The committee will make the necessary arrangements for the whole district to be canvassed for subscriptions.


2011-Ninety years later....
Despite the passage of many years it seems that the relevance of the War Memorial remains. Those who had any experience of the Great War have passed on, and very few of those who fought in World War II remain. But the abomination of war stays with us. Many armed conflicts have taken place involving British  forces since the end of World War II, although they have not claimed the lives of any Winsham people.
During this first decade of the twenty first century the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have had a special impact. The electronic media has meant that pictures of the conflicts are seen in the home on a daily basis, along with the sad scenes of the repatriation of the bodies of our young people who have been killed. 
Every November, Remembrance Sunday is a big  national event  focussed on the Cenotaph in London. Viewed on national television this ceremony is mirrored in many cities, towns and villages throughout the United Kingdom. Winsham is no exception.
Rem day 2011
Maintaining the Winsham War Memorial...
The War Memorial stands at the centre of the village where four roads meet. When the site was selected it was the obvious place for it to be situated. In recent years, with the growth in the number of large and very large vehicles passing through the village it has been damaged several times. Fortunately the central memorial column has not been struck, but the plinth upon which it stands requires frequent and often costly repair.
Less dramatic but just as important, atmospheric pollution and the ravages of weather have also left their mark. In view of this the Parish Council decided in 2011 that the memorial should be cleaned .
JG WM detail
Before the cleaning-the lettering was barely legible
JS revise
After the cleaning-all the names can be easily read

Just cleaned, using high pressure hot water-no chemicals!


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