ROY SMART 1934-2014
Roy Smart

The death of Roy Smart  on October 18th, 2014 should be marked. There have been few people in the life of the village whose influence , in the last four decades, and partnered with his wife Janet, has been of so much value.

Roy and Janet moved to Hazelwood Farm, over forty years ago, from Purtington and  they raised two daughters, Lucy and Rosalind.

Roy & Janet were often seen as a team, so it is sometimes difficult to separate individual achievements. Despite this Roy was very single minded and focused intently on whatever tasks he set himself.

With this in mind it is not surprising that he was an enthusiastic and successful long-distance runner. He started with the Crewkerne Running Club at age fifty, but despite this late start he completed thirty Marathons , eleven in London, but also seven in the Snowdonia area , which he particularly enjoyed.

Roy was greatly interested in printing, and produced and published the Somerset Magazine, based in Crewkerne, for many years. His understanding of the new printing and imaging technology which was one of the building bricks of the digital revolution, starting  some thirty years ago, was of great value to our community. He often came to the rescue of the Joint Parish Magazine when a difficult pre-printing  problem arose, and he took over full responsibility for the magazine's production when he became Editor in 2003, a post he held until 2010. He also used this expertise in helping village organisations print and produce the many posters and other items needed.

Roy played an active part on the Parish Council the 1970s and 80s; he was Parish Clerk from 1974 until 1979, and became Chairman of the Council between 1983 and 1986. As Parish Clerk he introduced a revolutionary piece of technology to the Parish Council. From 1975 onwards the Minutes were typed instead of being inscribed by hand in the Minutes Book!

Roy was also involved with the Jubilee Hall Management Committee during the 1980s. With Janet he played the important role of raising the neccesary funds and  of organising the planning and building of the Committee Room and new kitchen .

Roy was always willing to help .Whether it was a lighting task, for Penny Pargiter's memorable pantomimes, or another event, he was always ready to scramble up a ladder to fix a light, or hang stage curtains.

If help was needed in the Winsham Shop, behind the counter or whatever, Roy was there. He was also very active in his Chairmanship of the Recreation Ground Management Committee.

Janet & Roy also continued the Open Garden Days that were very popular, and Roy was very active in this, coordinating the many Winsham gardens that participated, and acting as a guide in his own.

The passing of Roy Smart is  deeply felt, but not only by his family and close friends. The Parish and all who knew him will not find the like again anytime soon and he will be greatly missed.

Anne Rose  & John Sullivan


This tribute appeared first in the Joint Parishes Magazine in December, 2014