The Loarings - Winsham's oldest family.
The Loaring family came to Winsham in the 16th Century. The first mention of a Loaring in Parish Records was a Thomas Loaring  who was borne in1535 and married an Edith (surname unknown) in 1560. They had four children, two surviving to marriageable age, and, in their turn having children of their own. The story continues until the death in 2011 of Susan Loaring-Percy and Mary Loaring's daughter.  This record of the generations until 2002 was prepared by Maurice Loaring, and passed to the Winsham Web Museum by Jim Loaring, in conjunction with other members of the family.

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Not a great deal is known about the Loaring family in Winsham during the16th ,17 & 18th centuries, other than what we can find in the Parish Records. Thomas Lowring (the spelling of the name varies) appears on the 1641 Protestation. The name also appears in Chapel records around the middle of the 19th century.
JL opening JH2007
John Loaring re-opening the Jubilee Hall in 2007
Very early in the history of Winsham Parish Council-formed at the end of 1894, the name of Loaring appears as a Parish Councillor. It also appears in the Minutes of the committee that was responsible for the running of the Jubilee Hall. When the  Jubilee Hall became an independent  charity a
Loaring was on the management committee of the Jubilee Hall. A member of the family had been a member of the Jubilee Hall's management almost continuously  since it passed into full village ownership in1904 until John Loaring's death in 2010.To mark this continuity, John Loaring was asked to lead the re-opening ceremony of the Jubilee Hall in January 2007, following its major renovation in the last six months of 2006 when it was closed. 
Mary Loaring,  a notable Chair of the Parish Council between 1986 and 1994 died in the last year of her service to the community.

In the selection of pictures that follow it will be seen that  the Loaring family was active in many village activities. As you browse other sections of the web museum you will often find pictures  and mention of members of the family. This is particularly true of the web museum areas devoted to the Street fairs, The Winsham Band and the Winsham Football club.

A long time ago...

Loaring family 1894
The Loaring Family in 1894-5 at the Barracks in Fore Street
Loaring Family 1894 Key

1. Maurice Loaring (1885-1895 -died of pneumonia shortly after) 
2. Richard Denning Loaring (1861-1934)
3. Aunt Kitty
4. Thomas Loaring (1818-1903)
5. James Thomas Loaring (1881-1952)
6. Charles Archibald Loaring (1887-1971)
7. Thomas Malachi Loaring
8. Ellen Rose Loaring (1852-1945)
9. John Henry Loaring (1894-1982)


1921-Mrs Hewitt, Thomas Malachi Loaring,
Ellen Rose Loaring, Kath Loaring (front)

Granfy Loaring

Charles Loaring in 1916. Charles served with the Somerset Light Infantry in India and Mesopotamia and and in 1916 he went to France, where he fought at Passenchdaele.

Wallace Loaring
Wallace Loaring in 1932. He emigrated to Australia after WW1.

Rosa Ellena Loaring in 1939

World War II......

 Arthur Loaring
John Loaring
John Loaring

Olive & Tom
Tom & Olive Loaring

JT Loaring &family
J.T. Loaring, Ellena Rose Loaring, J. Loaring, C.A Loaring (Date not known)

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