Scout, Guides & Brownies
The Scout Movement that was introduced by Baden Powell in the early 1900s, still flourishes to-day, but not on the scale that it enjoyed for the greater part of the last century. Winsham, alas, no longer has any such groups, when at one time all three groups were well represented, as can be seen by the photographs that follow.
Winsham ScoutsL. to R: John Miles, Alan Rudkin, Sam Sawyer.
Identified by Barbara Miles

L to R:
Back Row: John Miles, Brian Dowell,?,Rev. Childs,John Contreras, Winston (Sam) Sawyer.
Front Row:?, Edwin Dare, Victor Chubb, Ray Knott, Michael Lucking, Gerald Dunster ,Alan Rudkin.
Identified by David Dare
Sybil Dare queens Guide
Sybil Dare is presented with her Queen's Guide .See below for details of who else was there.
1.Rosemary Carver 2.June Carver (?) 3.Jackie Robbins 4.Meryle Lush 5.Faye Hallett 6. Christine Knott 7.Alice Hardwell 8.Lorna Pring
9.Anne Tubbs 10.Averill Wheaton 11.Unkmown 12.Diana Brown 13.Myra Evans 14.Susan Glentworth
15. Pat Glentworth 16.Angela Dowell 17.Rosemary Parsons 18.Christine Nicholls 19.Fay Hallett 20.Sandra Dare 21 Caroline Rawlings
22.Carol Loveridge 23.Mary Brown 24.Miss Budge 25.Unknown 26.Sybil Dare 27.Miss Harding 28.Unknown 29.Mrs Duncan 30.Miss Creech
31.Joan Morgan 32. Shirley Bone 33.Santina Hayball 34.Susanne Hebditch 35.Averil Rowe 36.Diana Parsons
Information provided by Sybil Butterworth nee Dare, Rose Pomeroy nee Parsons & Margaret Tett nee Griffin
Guiges Ladran
Guides at Ladram Bay Camp-1953.Names below.
Guides Ladranbaynumbered
1.Jill Pym,2.Isobel Mildon 3.? 4.Miss Harding 5.Miss 'Leffie' Creech 6.Pat ? 7.Sheila White
8.Flavia Strawbridge 9.Maureen Guppyn10.Eleanor ? 11.Beryl Wheadon 12.Elizabeth Jeffery 13.? 14.Margaret Saunders
15.Jean Bailey 16.Sarah Jeffery 17.Heather Down 18.Jean Robbins 19.Iris Dare 20 Ray Powell
Information provided by Iris Margetts nee Dare
Guides & Brownies
Guides & Brownies1959
1. Miss Creech 2. Miss Budge 3. Mrs Duncan,  4.  Miss Preston 5. Miss Harding  6.Miss Oxley  7.Pat Glentworth,
8. Faye Hallett  9.Joan Morgan  10. Susan Glentworth  11. Jennifer Beer 12. Ann Tubbs  13. Jackie Robbins  14. Merlys Lush 15Averil Wheaton 16. Rosemary Parsons 17.Christine Knott 18. Diane Brown 19.Angela Dowell 20. Alice Hardwell 21. Sybil Dare   22. Rosemary Carver 23.Myra Evans 24. ?
25. Christine Nicholls 26.? 27.Shirley Bone 28.Carol Peadon 29. Bridget Rendall 30.Mary Brown 31. Hazel Peadon 32. Susanna Hebditch 33.Sandra Dare 34. Evelyn Hardwell 36. Diana Parsons 37.Elizabeth Hebditch 38.Stephanie Rawlings 39.Margaret Griffin 40. Hazel Fowler 41 Caroline Rawlings 42.Averil Rowe
Miss Creech
Miss 'Leffie' Creech & Miss Harding
Margaret Saunders
Ladrum Bay Camp 1953:  Heather Down, Margaret Saunders?, Beryl Wheadon


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