Stella Abbey's production and direction is a great success.

One of the features of  Christmas in Winsham is the expectation of one of Stella Abbey's short plays, with her merry group of players.
On Sunday evening, after the lighting up of the Christmas Tree, about a hundred people of all ages gathered in the Jubilee Hall  to cheer, boo and heckle the assortment of heroes and villains of this Victorian style melodrama, against a background of dramatic music and effects created by Ms Sarah Turner on the hall's near Victorian piano.
The players excelled themselves, playing transgender roles which added to the amusement and general lack of credibility of the story
Vic Poster
Villainy Vanquished
The Cast

Left to Right: Jayne Edwards, Peter Saunders, Anne Rose, Stella Abbey (Author, Producer and Director),
Elaine Willis, Will Jones, Diana Kershaw, Chloe Besley,(Centre Front) Brian Turner.
The piano was played by Sarah Turner (Below Left).

Pictures by Annie Dent / JSS December10, 2012

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