Pilgrim's Progress - 1994

Pilgrim's Progress was presented out of doors across a wide outdoor area of Winsham. It was a beautiful July day in1994,and a large audience followed the production on foot as it played out its story in countryside that will not have changed very much since Bunyan's time. However he could not have imagined that a contingent of the elderly, the very young and the disabled would be viewing events, sitting upon large bales of straw, in farm trailers pulled by tractors. The features of the landscape such as streams, meadows, gates, bridges and hills echoed the allegorical use that Bunyan made of them. The Production was directed by Stella Abbey, aided by a cast of villagers and animals.

The journey starts.

Giant Despair captures the pilgrims.

Obstinate & Christian in the Dungeon.

The River of Death.

Little Devils!


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