The Duck Race and Fete organised by St.Stephen's in aid of its Roof Fund was a great success and raised 1,600.

Several hundred people came to the meadow at Bere Farm, where they enjoyed a wide variety of amusements, the climax being the Duck Race. Nearly a thousand ducks took part,  competing for the first prize of 100. Crowds thronged the route, and many hazards faced them as they raced along the swirling currents, but most finished. The winner was owned by
Michael Sheasby.


Excited crowds thronged the course.

The WINNER is plucked from the raging torrent.

Welli throwing was very popular.

Trish Goddard was not very good at Rat bashing.

Nor was Tony Meech!

The soft Toys and a real live rabbit was a draw for the youngsters.

Tony tries his hand at plate smashing.

Simon Preston took a precise approach to the putting competition.


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