Betty Hoyt's Ghost

The sad tale of Betty Hoyt, who was hanged for the murder of her lover in 1540 and buried at the cross roads near Leigh Lodge, was written, produced and directed by Stella Abbey. It played to large and enthusiastic audiences in the Jubilee Hall on the evenings of Thursday and Friday,16th and 17th April 2009.
A cast of twenty rehearsed for several months, and it was played, 'in the round'. This was unusual in the Jubilee Hall, due to its rectangular shape, but greatly aided audience participation.

The production was very well received, as have been Stella's previous productions-'Pilgrim's Progress', 'Canterbury Tales' and 'Under the Greenwood Tree' all of which   were staged out of doors.

No attempt was made to reproduce authentic sixteenth century costume or to imitate Tudor speech. The aim was to represent groups of hardworking local people caught up in momentous and ultimately tragic events. The story is based on fact, and the source document can be seen by clicking HERE.

The proceeds of the two performances were donated to the St.Stephen's Appeal. Photography by Annie Dent


The Production

The Cast
1 Jemima Sweetland
2 Bethany Fowler
3 Hayley Vaux
4 Abby Vaux
5 Ruby Sweetland
6 Caroline Sweetland
7 Penny West
8 Sarah Darby
9 Carl Earl
10 Liz Hobbs
11 Amanda Tompkins
12 Will Jones
13 Phil Kershaw
14 Diana Kershaw
15 Ian Peacock
16 Brian Turner
17 Robert Shearer
18 Tom Hamil
19 Phil Robinson
20 Peter Saunders

Help & Support

Janice Saunders & Andy Olver Musical Training
John Houston Making Cauldron & Inn Sign
Annie Dent Publicity photographs
Amanda Tompkins Witty Broadsheet
Jan Sullivan Poster design
Anne Rose Work with props and costumes
Richard Rose & John Houston Seating Arrangements
Margaret Long, Elizabeth Turner
& Janet Smart
Refreshments and front-of-house


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