Women's Institute (W.I)

Winsham W.I was started in 1917 and meetings were held until 1943. There was a gap of seven years when there were no meetings. 1950 heralded a revival which has carried on until today. The aim of the W.I. has always been to broaden the outlook of country women and encourage domestic and artistic skills. Today these opportunities are very wide indeed. They include learning to swim, play golf, tennis and take part in surfing, go-karting etc.
Our local W.I. has a very full programme. Apart from our monthly meetings, we take part in many County events, Council Meetings, County outings and holidays, quizzes, skittles and Scrabble competitions.
We have a small but important say in larger national events when we vote on the Resolutions put forward at the National Annual Meeting. Every W.I. in the country sends a representative to the Annual Meeting. This year it was held at the Wembley Conference centre, London and the Resolutions represented our concern for the funding of children's hospices, the care of stroke victims and the possible, closure of village post offices.
Locally we support the Flower Festivals, Street fairs, Schools fetes and Chard Hospital fete.
Among our own members we have very enjoyable monthly meetings, we walk, play Scrabble, sew and annually play Thorncombe W.I at skittles. We have social evenings to celebrate Christmas, our birthdays and good food at the home of Mrs Rawlings. The last of these was an evening celebrating all things Cornish.
We maintain a link with Bell in Queensland, Australia, exchanging Christmas cards and presents.

Winsham W.I's 50th Birthday Party

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