Recreational Ground Management Committee

Recreation Ground Management Committee
Compared with the organisations that use the facilities, mainly the Cricket, Football and Short Mat Bowls Clubs and the Sports and Social Club which runs the Pavilion on a day-to-day basis, the Management Committee is, at the moment, a fairly low key operation.

However, plans have been afoot for a little while to make much needed improvements. Various schemes have been considered, with estimated costs initially ranging from 25,000 to 250,000, but by the time all necessary specifications and building requirements have been met, these figures change to about 50,000 and well over 300,000. National Lottery funding is considered essential, even for the cheapest scheme, but to have any chance of getting this, the clubs concerned have to draw up comprehensive development plans and budgets for at least five years ahead. 

Work is starting on these, the proposal being that the first stage of the re-development would see the building of a new changing block, which in turn would provide more room for other uses in the existing building. This, being built mainly of timber, is not going to last forever, so the plan is to replace it in due course.

Any Lottery funding is not likely to be more than 70% of the total cost, so much support, financially and otherwise, will be needed from the village.

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