Mothers Union

Winsham Mothers' Union.

Winsham M.U. group began on 11/2/1996 when Father Brian Sutton, the vicar of St. Stephen's church at that time, received six women into the M.U. at a special service. Since then some have moved away and others have joined, and at present there are 8 members on roll. 

The group meets every month in the homes of its members in rotation, members' young children being present and welcome. Meetings are on the second Tuesday of the month, usually in the mornings, finishing in time for members to collect children from Playgroup or school, but a few meetings are held in the evenings to make them accessible for people at work.
The aim of the Mothers' Union is "The advancement of the Christian religion in the sphere of marriage and family life" and many of the meetings directly reflect this. The programme of meetings for the year 2000 is shown below. 

1. 11/1 AGM / social meeting
2. 1/2 Birthday Service, and reception of new member (in church)
3. 14/3 Speaker - 'God's story, our story' 25/3 Lady Day service (diocese event at Bath Abbey)
4. 11/4 Speaker - Parenting.
5. 9/5 Social meeting, planning for Street Fair, Flower Festival, & picnic 
6. 13/6 Speaker - from Pilsdon Community 
7. 15/8 Picnic - visiting Fr. Brian & Bridget -Shared service with Farmborough M.U., led jointly by their Rector Fr. Brian
8. 11/9 Deanery Harvest Festival (St. Barts. Crewkerne).
9. 12/9 Speaker - The Media
10. 10/10 Social meeting, planning for Stir-Up Sunday, programme 2001
11. 14/11 Speaker - 'Life in the Vicarage' 
12. 12/12 Social meeting, planning Crib service.
13. 24/12 Crib Service

We are a small group, whose members support each other in many ways, particularly when there is a birth, wedding or death in any of our families. We encourage each other to persevere with bringing children to church and with finding time for spiritual things despite being very busy. 

Some of those without young children take part in staffing the creche at Shepton Mallet Prison, to help mothers visiting imprisoned relatives there. We take part in village events such as the Street Fair and Flower Festival, and most of our members are busy in other village organisations.



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