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I was asked to accept the position of Footpaths Officer for the Parish of Winsham in the year 1999 because, when trying to explore the local footpaths, they were found to be very much neglected , particularity for village walks. With help, financially, from the Chard District Council , and a agreed plan to install and repair styles and kissing gates , I began to put into operation renovations of all Parish footpaths that were neglected . Many of the styles were in a bad state of repair and many new ones were required, plus kissing gates.

I was asked to complete an Annual Return 1998-1999, for the Parish Paths Partnership - the paths amounted to approximately 8.1/2 miles. To date we have eight new kissing gates, one new bridge over a stream, two plain gates and one farm gate , as a style would have been too expensive to install. We found it necessary to install eight new styles and rebuild ten old styles. Our last completed job was the introduction of three chain gates (the preferred name is 'Ramblers Gate') , easy to operate and straight through walk can be made , including dogs.
All work and costs have been supported by the District Council, Chard, the advantage being no cost to the Parish Council and , indeed , no charges have been made to the Landowners.
At the time of writing there is a proposal for a permanent diversion of Path CH 30/10 at "Oak Leigh" , Ammerham . To date no decision has been taken .

I would like to add that all these improvements have created very pleasant walks for all ages. The Winsham Millennium Committee has already organised three Village Walks and a final one is planned.

I have very much enjoyed my job and feel happy that much more outdoor enjoyment has been achieved in the Year 2000.

Winsham Footpaths Officer
D. R. Shaw.

New Stile,Colham Lane

New Ramblers Gate,Hollowells

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