Wayne Sparks

Wayne Sparks

Wayne is unique in Winsham. As far as is known he is the only self-employed farm worker. He grew up in Winsham and lived at Midnell when his father, Terry, was employed by Jim Warry. He now lives in Western Way, is in his thirties and spends his time at Hey Farm with Andrew Bullivant, at Broadenham with John Smith and sometimes at Higher Bere Chapel with Graham Cox.

Wayne started working at Hey when Barry Retter, tractor driver was injured. That was about 10 years ago and Wayne is still helping in the Winter doing the tractor work needed to feed and clean out the beef animals. In the Summer he is needed to make up the silage team.

When Robert Smith became ill in 1992 Wayne started working with John. He is involved in all the processes of cultivation of wheat, barley, beans and oats.

Graham Cox has a dairy herd and arable crops. Some of the home grown grain is fed to the cows in Winter. The straw is made into big square bales and is used for bedding.

Wayne says that he is always needed and charges hourly for the work he does.

Wayne Sparks

In Memory
Sadly, Wayne died in the summer of 2004,after a long illness, which he bore with great fortitude. He was a very popular member of our community, and is greatly missed. 

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