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    There has been a shop at 2 Church Street, Winsham for over 100 years. It is a typical English village shop retaining the essential friendly service and cheerful atmosphere which attracts villagers in to meet one another and to use the shop.
The shop was refurbished a few years age by the present owners Pearl and Graham Winter to provide a bright and convenient layout in a traditional setting.
The store opens 7 days a week and sells a wide variety of goods. The grocery side caters for all the essentials including fresh vegetables and fruit, fresh bread and cakes, milk, free range eggs and frozen food. Cheese and ham is cut to order and there is a selection of delicatessen items in the chilled cabinet. Soft drinks, snacks, confectionery; including sweets sold from jars; plus cigarettes and tobacco are always in demand. Newspapers, magazines and comics are available and can be reserved.
There is a wide choice of cards, wrapping paper and a selection of stationery items. There are a few shelves for children - small toys, tennis balls, paints, skipping ropes and the like. Household items include such things as measuring jugs, mugs, sandwich boxes, jelly cases, cake candles, plastic cutlery and paper plates and serviettes.
There are drawers with haberdashery items such as buttons, cottons, Velcro, hem it, needles, bias binding, elastic and hooks and eyes. There are also ladies stockings, tights, socks and shoelaces. A small DIY section includes items such as white spirit, Polyfiller, wallpaper paste, brushes, sandpaper, Swarfega, plugs, fuses, WD40 and puncture outfits.
Coal, firewood, and Calor Gas is also supplied together with barbeque fuel and sacks of compost.
There is also a SWEB key re-charging machine for electricity meters.
The Post Office is located at the back of the shop and is open from 9 am to 5.30pm with half day on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The services available include pension and allowance payments, bill payments, mail and parcel services,banking services for Girobank, Barclays and Lloyds TSB; National Savings investment business, TV Licences, and foreign currency. At the end of August the office received the Horizon computer system providing a fully automated processing system.
The business employs five part-time staff working either in the shop or the Post Office.
Prices charged for a selection of goods is as follows:-Sugar 1 Kg 82p; Tea bags 40 from 65p; Milk 2 pt 78p ;Biscuits from 38p; Bread large uncut 92p; Bacon 220g 2.19; Eggs 6 free range 90p; Coffee 100g from 1.27
A selection of specially priced offer lines is available each month.

Graham & Pearl Winter-Proprietors

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