Andrew Partridge

Mr A E Partridge 9Westem Way Winsham Nr. Chard Somerset TA20 4JH
My name is Andrew Partridge I live at 9 Western Way, Winsham,. I am married to Brenda, we have two boys Gary aged 16 & Shane 15.
I have been cutting the grass in the village for the Parish Council since 1996. The contract is for 2 years at a time, with the second year allowing for inflation, the contract is for 12 cuts per year at fortnightly intervals.
The first 3 years I cut the grass & left it on the ground, the Parish Council then decided that it would be tidier if the grass was collected.
The grass which I cut is the children's recreation area beside the war memorial, the churchyard, the strip of grass adjacent to the school field leading to the cemetery, & the cemetery's both old & new, this also includes strimming around all the head stones which is very time consuming. I also cut the hedge on the North & East sides of the cemetery.
My main helper is my father Ernest who will come out with me on most occasions & give me a hand, but his main asset is when the machinery breaks down I just send it up to him to repair, which saves me a lot of time. I also get some help from the boys when they are on holiday from School, it has also been known for Brenda to give me a helping hand. The problem with the boys is their help does not come cheap, they demand high wages.
In November 1996 after the purchase of a piece of land by the Parish Council to extend the cemetery, my Father and I cut down the hedge dividing the existing cemetery & the new piece of land & removed the iron railings. The railings were then taken away to be painted. In September 1998 we erected the railings along the South & West sides of the new cemetery & my father planted a hedge along the North side of the cemetery.
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