Kingsfield Conservation Nursery

Kingsfield Conservation Nursery.

  Kingsfield Conservation Nursery is owned by YSJ Seeds but was created by Jean and Geoff Peacock as Kingsfield Tree Nursery with the first purchase of land in 1978.Currently the holding stretches southwards from Plum Tree Cottage in Fore Street over the River Axe into Dorset to the railway at Winsham Bridge. With additional rented land to the east,  from Broadenham Farm,  including an accommodation bridge,  crops are grown beyond the railway,  though still on the Somerset side of the river. The  barn and bungalow at Springbank,  the centre of the Nursery,  were built during  the period 1980-82 and the private track from Broadenham Lane to the  accommodation bridge in 1985/6 with two lakes being added in August 1984.
All land acquired was,  at that time,  permanent pasture complete with a few compulsory rabbits .   Since then extensive landscaping has taken place using  native plants grown by the nursery.   Roe deer have replaced rabbits requiring some expensive fencing.

Orchids among the meadow flowers.

Flowers and trees in the Nursery.

Much of the ‘non-cropped’ area is managed as a Nature Reserve but doubles up to provide seed sources for the business.   During the 1980’s native plant species were sourced from all over Britain.   Many have escaped to wild areas.   Within the boundaries there are now more British plant species than on any comparable area in the UK.   To use a modern term,  it is very Bio-Diverse and supports an abundance of wildlife that repay us by eating the crops. 

The Nursery produces all British plant species from Native Trees to Wildflowers and their seed.   The major headache is growing hundreds of different crops to meet demand. 

Kingsfield Conservation Nursery is unique.   The activities of its employees,  past and present,  will have a visual and landscape impact for years to 
come,  if only for the many trees. 

Historically,  who were the villagers who owned the land?   In order,  the Courtney sisters at Church farm,  Roy Wheaton - Court farm,  Roy Tubbs - 
Maudlin Farm (now Magdalen),  Mrs Domett - Oakgates,  Robert Smith -  Broadenham Farm, Mr & Mrs Markham - Kentsleigh (Land swap). 

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