Colin & Kate Langridge

COLIN LANGRIDGE - Inside Projects
Devonsedge, 9 Church Street

A nine to five job? Unlikely! It's dawn until dusk one day, 2 hours the next:up to London one week, stuck in Winsham the next.
So what does he do? Well to get where he is today he's fallen off ladders, lost the end of his thumb and banged his head countless times (hair loss comes
with the occupation).
Not a very good picture? Well, after studying at St Martins School of Art and Maidstone College of Art he completed a degree in Fine Art and Design
which led him to the art of carpentry and joinery. His work is best know for cabinets, specialising in kitchens, bathrooms and library units. His work
involves both indoor and outdoor projects. Small building projects involving restoration, and stonework such as courtyards and patios. Credits to his name
are carpentry in Buckingham Palace, Clarence House and the House of Commons.
Despite what they say about living with one of them. Our house is still standing, just. And looking at the photographs of 1984, he hasn't done a bad
job really.
Devonsedge, 9 Church Street
Kate met Colin whilst studying Graphic Design at Maidstone, which she received a Bachelor of Arts. She then became an Art and Needlework teacher of Sixth Form at a school in London. She now works from home in Soft Furnishings.

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