Nature's Great Sightings
- Tadpoles


This was a period when mowing lawns and grass was difficult or even impossible due to the numbers of small froglets that sought every damp spot to searched for food. A year later the explosion of frogs led to a sudden disease that decimated the population and from which they have not -as yet - recovered. However the amitary migration to the lakes inevitably led to the patter of tiny tails (feet) and soon the frog - the toad spawn - blackened the water with tadpoIes. Such must have been the crowding that nature instituted what we humans call the 'one way system'. The dense mass of tadpoles formed into a tight packed cylinder, which, resembling a giant sea snake, moved up the large lake to the far end and then looped back down the other side. Careful observation revealed that a few ‘stragglers’ along the shallows were swimming out and joining the mob as they passed. How long this phenomenon lasted I do not know, for two days later they had resumed a normal pattern.

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