Summaries of Parish Council business

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Spring 1905
Mr Fowler chaired the first meeting of the New Year on 13 January. It was reported that the post box had been erected thanks in part to Colonel Henley whose workmen sited it. The Clerk was asked to write a letter of thanks. There was little other business. 

There were two meetings in February, on the 10 and 17.Both were chaired by Mr Fowler. At the first it was agreed that the Guarantee of the Assistant Overseer should be increased from £200 to £300 in accordance with the wishes of the Chard Board of Guardians. 
The Clerk was asked to contact Messrs Capel Cure and Ball about the transfer of the Jubilee Hall and a circular about classes in butter making was discussed. 
The second meeting was a special one to consider a letter from Messrs Capel Cure and Ball. After discussion it was decided that Messrs Fowler and Wyatt should confer with Mr Fry before any final decision was made. They did so the following evening . Mr Fry endorsed the Council's wish to accept the transfer. He also agreed to give £5 a year towards the upkeep of the Jubilee Hall and more if required. He also suggested that Messrs Tucker and Forward should draw up a Deed of Conveyance and Trust. 

The next meeting was on 24 March. Little happened. Mr Fowler acted as Chairman. The meeting on 14 April followed the annual election. Those attending were Messrs Fowler (Chairman), Dommett, Eveleigh, Loaring, Pym, Wyatt and the Clerk. Mr Fry was elected Chairman for the ensuing year with Mr Fowler as Vice Chairman. Messrs Holcombe and Boucher were chosen as Overseers. 
Colonel Henley and Mr Fowler were re-elected Trustees of Holsworthy's Charity (Parish Meadow). The accounts as proposed for audit were signed by the Chairman. The Parish Relief List was examined carefully. 
The annual salary of the Clerk was increased from £25 a year to £27.10 a year partly to reflect his additional role as Assistant Overseer.

The summer of 1905 passed quietly in Winsham. There were three Council meetings, on 11 May, 9th June and 14 July. Mr Fowler chaired the first two, Mr Dommett the third. Little of note happened apart from minor problems with the parish pump, which Mr Churchill was asked to repair.

Autumn 1905
On 8 September Mr Fry attended the meeting as Chairman. Routine financial matters were dealt with early on, the main business being a discussion about the Draft of the Deed of Conveyance of the Jubilee Hall and accompanying correspondence. The Council approved the draft and decided to instruct solicicitors to have the necessary deed prepared and signed. The only problem in need of clarification was the accuracy of the plan. Mr Hodder was asked to prepare an accurate one. It was agreed that “ at the conclusion of the proceedings connected with the transfer of the Jubilee Hall that a letter of thanks should be sent to the Hon. A.V.Hood”

 The next meeting was held on 13 October, Mr Fowler acting as Chairman. Little business was done nor was there at the subsequent meeting on 10 November chaired again by Mr Fowler. 

On 8 December Mr Fry presided over a well-attended meeting. The Managing Clerk from Messrs Tucker and Forward was present and produced the Deed of Conveyance of the Jubilee Hall and Declaration of Trust thereof and of the fund for its endowment. “It was resolved on the motion of Mr J Pym, seconded by Mr TM Loaring that the Deed be approved, and that the same and a duplicate thereof, and the transfer to the Council of the ten shares in the Agricultural Hall Co Limited be executed on behalf of the Council by Francis James Fry the Chairman at this meeting and Frederick Brenchley Fowler, and Arthur Wyatt, two other members of the Council also present at this meeting, this was agreed to unanimously and the same were executed accordingly. It was also agreed that the Jubilee Hall and buildings should be insured for £1500 with Royal Ins Co, two pictures for £100 and two pictures for £20 and the furniture for £80. Also that the Deed of Conveyance and certificate of shareholders be deposited for safety with Stuckeys Banking Company, also that rules should be drawn up with regard to the use of the Hall and for the present permission for its use should be given by two members of the Council or one member and the Clerk”


Spring 1906
The early meetings of the New Year on 19 January and 9 February were quiet. Mr Fowler chaired both. On 9 March Mr Fry took charge. At this meeting it was reported that the Deeds of Conveyance of the Jubilee Hall had been signed and that the Certificate of Agricultural Hall shares had been completed. It was resolved to ask Messrs Tucker and Forward to hand these to the Clerk. The Chairman generously agreed to pay the legal fees for which he was thanked.
On 14 April the Annual Meeting took place. Mr Fry was re-elected as Chairman with Mr Fowler as his Deputy. Messrs Boucher and Raisin were chosen Overseers for the ensuing year with Colonel Henley and Mr Fowler Trustees of Holsworthy's Charity. The Relief List was examined and some alterations recommended. Mr Wyatt was proposed as a replacement for Mr Eveleigh on the Rural District Council, the latter having resigned.

Summer 1906
There were only two meetings in the summer, on 8th June and 10 August. Mr Fowler chaired both. Several cheques were issued, to Rev Spencer (Minister's Fees-12s 6d), Mr Cook (Salary and Grave digging-£1.16) and the Postmaster General (last payment on the guarantee for the Winsham Telegraph Office-£1.16.2d). 
The Council were pleased that the final payment had been made but realised what a great asset the Telegraph Office had been to the parish.

Autumn 1906
On 14 September Mr Wyatt chaired a brief meeting at which it was agreed to hold a special session to revise the rules of the Jubilee Hall on 21 September.Mr Fowler acted as Chairman. The original minutes of this meeting make no reference to the Jubilee Hall but do say that two letters were discussed. The first from Rev Spencer asked for an additional gate to the Cemetery. This was refused. The second from Rev Prebendary Robinson asked that the Tithe Map be handed to the Vicar and Churchwardens. This was agreed. 

The final meeting of the year was on 14 December in the Jubilee Hall. It was agreed to accept Mr Batstone's estimate for a new cover to a sewage pit and for Mr Churchill to repair the iron gates leading to Ammerham.
The Clerk was asked to write to the owner of the path across Verdhay complaining of its poor state. Mr Fowler chaired this meeting.


 Meetings-Spring 1907
A letter from the Chard Town Clerk asking Winsham to guarantee the expenses of the Chard Fire Brigade when called to a fire in the Parish was discussed at the meeting on 11 January chaired by Mr Fowler. The matter was adjourned for further consideration. 

On 8 March Mr Wyatt acted as Chairman when the Council asked the Clerk to write to Chard Town Council stating that Winsham Parish Council could not guarantee any such expenses. A complaint was discussed about the dangerous state of some property in West Street. The Clerk was asked to write to the owner. “ A hearty vote of thanks was accorded to both the Chairman and Vice Chairman for their valuable services to the Council.” 

The newly elected Council met on 15 April. In attendance were Messrs Fowler (Chairman), A. Budge, T.M.Loaring, F. Pike J. Pym, A. Wyatt and the Clerk. Mr Fry was unanimously elected Chairman and Mr Alfred Budge Vice Chairman. Messrs Raisen and Dare were appointed Overseers. 
Colonel Henley and Mr Fowler were re-appointed Trustees of Holsworthys Charity. Mr Loaring was chosen as School Manager, replacing Mr Dommett who had resigned. The Relief List was examined and some suggestions made. 
The Clerk was instructed to write to the owner of a property in Court Street about its dangerous state of repair.

Summer 1907
There was a meeting of the Council on Friday 10 May chaired by Mr Budge. 
As required by the County Council three Parish Councillors were chosen to form a joint local education committee with Cricket St Thomas. Those selected were Messrs Fowler, Wyatt and Pym . Mr Loaring was confirmed as People's Manager. On 14 June Mr Budge was again in charge. Cheques were issued to Mr Cook (£3.7.0) and Revd Spencer (£0.17.6d). 
It was agreed that Mr Robbins should do what repairs were necessary to the wells in Fore Street. 

The next meeting on 30 July, chaired by Mr Budge, agreed that the Clerk should advertise the post of Caretaker of the Cemetery and Churchyard .
It was also agreed that Mr Robbins should be asked to cut the grass in the Churchyard and the Cemetery and also “put both places in good order”.

On 9 August the Council agreed to appoint Mr James Perrott as Caretaker of the Churchyard and Cemetery in place of Mr Cook who had resigned due to ill-health. The salary was to be £2.10.0 per annum with grave digging being paid “ according to the approved scale.” The Clerk was asked to write to Messrs Nantes and Sanctuary about the unsafe condition of some properties in Court Street.

Autumn 1907
Several matters were dealt with at the meeting on 13 September chaired by Mr Budge. A letter from Messrs Nantes and Sanctuary was read and discussed, the Clerk was asked to write to Mr E.C. Spencer to tell him to stop his poultry damaging the cemetery (!) and to also write to the Union suggesting that the Jubilee Hall should be used as the Pay Station for the relief of the poor instead of a cottage as at present. 
The Council decided that an effort should be made to try to get the L.and S.W.R.Co to supply a motor service for the district. 

At the meeting on 11 October cheques were paid to Mr Perrott, Revd Spencer and to Mr Singleton (Sexton's fees). 
The parish pump was again in need of repair and Mr Loaring was tasked to check the water supply in Fore Street. 
The Clerk was asked to see Mr Robbins about the poor state of the bridge at Chalkway leading to Purtington. Mr Budge chaired this meeting as he did the following one on 8 November. 
It was reported that the parish pump and the water supply in Fore Street were now in a satisfactory condition and that the bridge at Chalkway was now “ in proper repair.” 
It was agreed that the Cemetery and Churchyard Caretaker should be insured under the Workmen’s Compensation Act. 

The final meeting of the year was on 13 December. Mr Budge chaired it. Circulars were read from the County Council about the Allotments and Small Holdings Act and it was agreed to hold a Parish Meeting on 18 December in the Schoolroom to handle applications. 
The Clerk agreed to write a circular to other Parish Councils interested in a motor rail service for the district and asking for their cooperation. 
A discussion followed about Whealdon's Charity. A separate meeting was arranged to discuss this with the help of Revd Spencer.


Spring 1908
The meetings held on 10 January and 14 February were uneventful apart from the calling of a Public Meeting on 29 January to discuss the Rail Motor Service.
Mr Budge chaired both. 

On 13 March Mr Fowler took charge in the absence of Mr Budge due to illness. A letter was read concerning a meeting at Chard Road attended by Mr Vallance the District Superintendent of the London and S.W.R.Co. when the case for a Motor Rail Service was made. 
Routine cheques for Mr Perrott, Mr Singleton and Revd Spencer were issued. 

The Annual Meeting took place on 13 April. Mr Fry was unanimously re-elected Chairman and Mr Budge Vice Chairman. Messrs William Dare and George Welch were appointed Overseers for the ensuing year. 
The Relief List was examined and a few suggestions made. Mr Budge reported that there had been no reaction to date from the L. and S.W.R. Co.

Summer 1908
A meeting on 8 May dealt with only one topic: a letter from the L.and S.W.R. Co.. It was decided to call a meeting of all interested parishes to agree a form of reply. Mr Budge chaired the meeting. 

He also chaired the next session on 12 June at which the Clerk reported that he had sent a letter to the L.and S.W.R.Co. and had received an acknowledgement. 

The Council next met on 10 July. Mr Budge acted as Chairman. Messrs Fowler, Loaring, Pym and the Clerk attended. Cheques were signed for Revd Spencer, Mr Singleton and Mr Perrott. The respective amounts were £0.7.6d, £0.5.6d and £1.9.6d. Payments of £0.4.7d for graveside planks and £0.4.0d for a scythe and stone were sanctioned. 
A reply from L.and S.W.R.Co. was read stating that they could do nothing at present with regard to “Halts” but it was agreed that the matter  should not be allowed to drop. 

On 14 August the Council dealt only with routine financial matters. Mr Budge chaired the meeting.

Autumn 1908
The first autumn meeting was held on 9 October in the Jubilee Hall. There was a lengthy discussion about the responsibility for laying pipes in Fore Street and elsewhere. The Parish Council felt the task belonged to the Rural District Council, they believed the Parish Council to be responsible. The Clerk was asked to write an appropriate letter. 
The meeting agreed to drop the matter of the Motor Rail Service for the present following further correspondence. The issue of the dangerous state of a property in Court Lane was raised and it was agreed that the Clerk should write to the owner Mr Hayes threatening to involve the Rural District Council if no action was taken. 
Routine cheques were signed. Mr Budge chaired the meeting. 

On 13 November the Council discussed a letter from Chard Rural District Council in which they denied responsibility for pipe work in Fore Street but giving permission for a pipe to be laid at the entrance to Pools Lane from Church Street! Mr Hayes, the relevant owner, was to be informed. 
The Clerk was asked to deal with a complaint over a property in West Street, the problem of the pipe in Fore Street and the dangerous property in Court Street. 
It was agreed that the Clerk should obtain a copy of Dr Whealdon's will referring to the Charity left by him for the benefit of Winsham and also to apply for remission of Income Tax on it. 
Mr Budge chaired this meeting as he did for the next one held on 11 December. The Clerk reported that Mr Hayes had visited Winsham and had given an assurance that his property in Court Street would be pulled down shortly thus removing any danger to the public. The Clerk was asked to complete a Census of Production form covering an expenditure of £5 on the cemetery and to continue the argument about the pipe in Fore Street with Chard Rural District Council. He was also asked to find out from Chard Fire Brigade what they required in order to attend at a fire in Winsham! The Council decided to hold a Special Meeting on 18 December to discuss the Whealdon Charity.


Ordinary Meetings-Spring 1909
The first meeting of the New Year was held on 8 January in the Jubilee Hall. Mr Budge acted as Chairman, Messrs Fowler, Loaring, Pile, Pym and the Clerk attended. It was reported that pipes had been laid in Pools Lane and in Fore Street by the Rural District Council! (a victory for Winsham Parish Council).
 Routine cheques were signed. 

The Council next met on 26 March. Two complaints were heard, the first about a fallen tree blocking the footpath in Ammerham Meadow owned by Mr Bowerman and the second concerning the fact that the footpath adjoining Forde Abbey was dangerous on dark nights as the path was “not protected from the river”. 
The Clerk was asked to write to Mr Bowerman. Mr
Churchill was to be asked to repair the gate leading to the pathway across Barton Close from Pools Lane. Mr Budge chaired this meeting. 
April 19
brought the Annual Statutory Meeting of the Parish Council. Mr Fry was again unanimously elected as Chairman with Mr Budge as Vice-Chairman. Messrs Frank Pile and George Welch were chosen as Overseers. 
Colonel Henley and Mr Fowler were appointed Trustees of the Holsworthy Charity for the ensuing year. 
Reference was made to a letter received from the Rural District Council about an infectious disease in the village. It appears to be related to the water supply in Fore Street. A report by Dr Sibbald, the Medical Officer of Health, was awaited. Mr Fowler was asked to obtain an estimate for repairs to the churchyard wall while the Clerk was tasked to interview Revd Spencer about the unsatisfactory state of the footpath through Barton Close leading to the

Summer 1909. 
On May 14 the Council met in the Jubilee Hall with Mr Budge in charge. 
It was reported that the tree in Ammerham Meadow had been removed. It was agreed that the estimate for repairs to the Churchyard wall was too high and that a second one should be obtained. 
The Clerk was asked to write to Mr Roper about the footpath near Forde Abbey .He, the Clerk, reported that the Vicar considered the complaint over the footpath through Barton Close to be difficult to resolve as it was open to the public. 
The main topic of the meeting however was the poor quality of water in Fore Street. After a long discussion it was decided to send the following statement to Chard Rural District Council
“ At the Annual Parish Meeting which was largely attended a complaint was made to the Parish Council from the inhabitants of Fore Street and Back Street because of the distance they have to go to fetch water and also that the Public Water Supply was polluted after a heavy rainfall although at other times it was satisfactory. The Parish Council being in doubt as to what is best to be done suggest that the R.D.C. make inquiries as to the water supply for the two streets above mentioned, as it is possible the owners might better utilize the water supply of their own property for the benefit of their tenants” 

At the next meeting on 11 June, chaired by Mr Budge, it was reported that Mr Roper had written refusing to take any action over the footpath. The Clerk was asked to write to him again. It was also reported that the R.D.C. had inspected the water supply. 

On 13 August both the accounts of the Parish Council and Overseers were examined having been audited by Mr Walrond. The first showed a balance in hand of £0.17.5d, the second one of £3.8.3d.An estimate from Messrs Parsons and Dunster of £4.3.3d for repairs to the Churchyard wall was accepted.
Routine cheques were signed. Mr Budge chaired this meeting.

Autumn 1909
The next meeting was on 10 September in the Jubilee Hall. Mr Pym acted as Chairman. 
It was reported that the repairs to the churchyard wall had been completed satisfactorily but that, because additional work was necessary, the cost would be greater than expected. 
Circulars from the County Council Education Committee about lectures on gardening, agriculture and poultry were examined but no decision as to the formation of classes was made. 

On 8 October the Council met under the chairmanship of Mr Budge. The Council agreed to increase the Clerk's salary from £27.10.0 to £30 “such salary to include the cost of journeys to pay the Treasurer and getting the Rate signed”. 
Mr Pym volunteered to get what information he could about forming a Rifle Club. 
The Clerk was instructed to get the necessary forms to enable people to join classes in agriculture, horticulture and poultry keeping. 
Routine cheques were signed before the meeting ended. 

On 12 November Mr Budge acted as Chairman, Messrs Fowler, Loaring, Pile, Pym, Wyatt and the Clerk were present. Mr Ross (Clerk to the R.D.C.) and Mr Carter (Sanitary Inspector) also attended. 
After a long discussion it was agreed on Mr Budge's suggestion that the R.D.C. ascertains what connection, if any, exists between the water coming out of the wall near the top well and a well near Mr Hodder's property and also to open up the ground beyond the policeman’s house to see if there is any water there. 
The Council then discussed the problem of a fire in the village deciding that the fire brigade would be of little use owing to the difficulty of getting an ample supply of water, the River Axe being so far away. 
Mr Pym asked for permission to use the Jubilee Hall when starting a Rifle Club. The Council refused his request but offered their support to his idea. 

The final meeting of the year was on 10 December chaired by Mr Budge. It was reported that a drain had been found leading from a well in Mr Hodder's ground to the water supply .The R.D.C. would be dealing with this problem. 
A bill for £6.2.9d was accepted for repairs to the Churchyard wall by Messrs Parsons Bros and Dunster and the Council agreed to help with the Whealdon's Charity should it be needed.



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